Bucket Elevators

The elevator takes powdered, granular, or other bulk materials from the bottom and moves it vertically. When the buckets reach the top, they dump out the material and travel back down to retrieve more of the material. This kind of machinery is an efficient way to transport bulk materials vertically without the need for human labor or intervention.

Vertical Screw Conveyor Diagram
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These bucket elevators are generally constructed from either a centrifugal or a continuous design. Centrifugal bucket elevators are ideal for powdered solids including: sand, sugar, grains, and chemicals. This type of bucket elevator utilizes a high speed centrifugal force to toss the materials from the bucket into the targeted area. Continuous bucket elevators however are preferred for applications which involve fragile materials.

This design operates at a slower speed and uses the force of gravity to discharge the materials. More complex bucket elevators can be designed to unload materials at a variety of intervals and these systems can be equipped with different accessories that allow for various features. Since certain types of bucket elevators are ideal for particular applications then this type of machinery can be customized to meet the specialized needs of the project.

Bucket Elevators Bucket elevators are devices used for transporting different types of materials vertically. At its most basic, a bucket elevator is essentially a conveyor belt with buckets or containers attached.