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Flexible screw conveyors are an excellent choice for bulk material conveyance because this variety of conveyor is enclosed. Materials are transported within a tube and propelled by a continuously turning screw. As their name implies, flexible screw conveyors have the advantage of not being fixed to a rigid angle or direction, making movement of materials in hard to reach spots much simpler task. Additionally, the screw within the conveyor fills the entire diameter of the tube which keeps any material from falling back through the tube. This results in faster and more efficient transportation of powder or granulated materials.

Flexible screw conveyors are commonly used in the mining, agriculture and many manufacturing industries, among others. These industries all move fine powder or granular materials. Moving these materials with a belt conveyor introduces many potential problems. A significant amount of the powdered product could be lost or accumulate in the conveying components. Both these situations lead to extensive costs and loss of profit. Because of their great advantages flexible screw conveyors are a cost effective solution to other conveyors in fine material transportation.

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